Hollywood smile and appreciation of the beautiful treatment

Hollywood smile and appreciation of the beautiful treatment
I think that it often knows of externals of this photograph in all women. The beauty of this mouth at which it smiled seems to draw it out ..her charm.. further with a smile of the actress who represents the United States and Juriarrobarts though there is no wonderful thing her figure up to saying. We say the Hollywood smile such a smile that healthily enchants the person. Why this mouth is beautiful and attractive, there are some standards, and teeth, lips along the standard, and the balances with the facial configuration are the results of beginning to brew.
Relation between lip and teeth
I think that it is understood that the curve of the upper lip and the Hacbi line of the percentage teeth are almost corresponding.
The curve of the lower lip and the line of the incisal edges of the percentage teeth are corresponding and this is also almost corresponding.
At this time, it is thought whether it is necessary to see it when the smile is light though it is also important that gums of the Ueno front tooth (gums) look little.
Symmetry to facial configuration
It is important that a virtual line where the center of and the center of the face (Say during positive) were connected during the top and bottom and the right and left is corresponding, and the number of teeth with which the distance to the corners of the mouth looks the same between those seem for the same thing to become symmetric in a word and. To the same in the sight important though the left half is generally known to be the right half of the face, and no complete symmetry.
Smile where corners of the mouth goes up
The training of the expression muscle where the corners of the mouth is improved when the smile is done is also important to express the relation between the above-mentioned teeth and lips. Especially, the smile in the foreign country with great confidence and my teeth are seen to see teeth well and expression only of the question bowl. Waracbo can be especially done because the muscle of this face develops this is thought that the development of the expression muscle is important.
White teeth
Especially, one that likes white teeth, and is considerable seems to care for teeth like whitening etc. as for the foreigner.
Making a transparent feeling of the incisal edge strong a little more seems to suit the Japanese though brightness also likes teeth of Chorke (chalk) near white now.
An attractive mouth comes to be expressed by the above-mentioned matter, and the balances of such a face, the lip, and teeth become important especially in the appreciation of the beautiful odontology department treatment.
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